Metallic Dots OEM THICKNESS for Flightscope and Trackman Pack of 500 dots

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These are the metal dots that go on the ball for all the radar based systems such as Flightscope Mevo, Mevo+, X3, XI, XI +, XI Tour, X2, X2 Elite, and all the Trackman systems. The metal dot increases the ability to get an accurate spin reading from the radar unit when using indoors. My dots have been tested time and time again and perform perfectly. They actually last longer then the stock dots as they are just slightly thinner and conform to the ball better, which results in less wear on your net or screen and less wear on the dot itself. I had some requests for the thicker ones as they hold up better in some set ups and how your launch monitor is configured, and have figured out how to produce the thicker ones as well. The top right dot on the ball is the OEM and the one below it is ours to compare thickness. The top right is our other line of thinner ones that have proven extremely good and durable, but this is an option for the people that want the thicker ones.