Reflective dots without install tabs for Foresight GC2 with HMT, GC3, Hawk, or GCQuad club data 3040 pack

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These are the reflective dots that make spin rates and club path easier to read on golf launch monitors. These are cut on professional equipment and match to the original specs exactly. From foresight, a roll of 500 dots is over $150 so these are a great savings. I guarantee these work on the launch monitor or please feel free to contact me for a refund. We have tested these with several PGA pros (teaching and touring from all over the world), fitting centers, big box stores, golf boutiques, home and public sim units, and several set up variations with extreme success and reliability. We spent countless hours testing against OEM Foresight dots in countless environments with multiple systems to bring the best quality material, dot, and price to the golfing world. Your accurate data is our top priority and why we offer a guarantee that they work. Please see our feedback for the reliability and customer service provided.



These DO NOT have the install tabs and I highly recommend using tweezers to install to keep the adhesive as tacky as possible without the tab. I have others with the tabs, but can be more economical without for the price.